Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the Artist benefit from each sale?

A: Luminos Gallery handles all the production cost and pays the artist a percentage of every sale made.


Q: How are the goods delivered?

A: All Original artworks, limited edition prints and collectables are delivered by recorded/ tracked and signed delivery.


Q: Am I responsible for import duties or taxes?

A: Each customer is responsible for any import duties or taxes payable in their respective countries.


Q: What is the quality of the Luminos limited editions?

A: Luminos limited editions are very high quality giclee fine art prints produced on quality fine art water-colour paper in accordance with the Fine Art Guild. All limited editions are numbered and accompanied with an authenticity certificate.


Q: What is a Giclee print ?

A: The word Giclée ("g-clay"), is derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt or spray", Giclée, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high quality archival quality paper to achieve an inkjet print of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability. Our prints are created using an Epson 9880 with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks, which with the 8 channel print head is capable of producing an extremely wide tonal range and colour gamut.

Giclée printing offers both a softness and richness of colour and our operators will ensure the print represents the artist's original work in the closest possible way by working with the client and producing a test print as part of the service.

The process involves squirting or spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink onto high quality art paper or canvas. The image is colour corrected to attain the closest possible match to the original work if required. The digital information is fine tuned to the type of paper or surface on which the image is to be printed, further ensuring fidelity to the original.

Giclées are printed on a variety of substrates or mediums, the most common being watercolour paper or canvas. Image permanence is a concern to artists and collectors. Estimates are based on laboratory simulations of aging to give a fade & colour shift resistance of up to 200 years in ideal conditions, tests developed and conducted by Epson.

Reproducing prints this way can be of an advantage to artists who find it unfeasible to mass-produce their work, but need to reproduce their work on demand. Once we make the master print and archive the digital master file, we can produce identical edition prints at any point in the future.


Q: What is a Baryta Print and why is the paper special?

A: Baryta is a special barium sulphate coating that is traditionally applied to a fibre photographic paper base prior to coating with the emulsion layers. The technical benefits of the Baryta layer include greater detail and definition, extended tonal range and excellent archival properties. In addition, Baryta coated fibre papers have a unique look and feel which have become the standard for fine art photographers worldwide.

Also known as fibre based, this paper has the photographic emulsion coated directly onto the fibres of the paper so, in processing, chemistry soaks into the paper making it much slower to process, wash and dry. FB papers also react much better than RC papers to toning and other special effects, and are available in a much greater variety of specialty finishes. We recommend FB papers for their archival permanence and for producing the most beautiful fine art and exhibition prints.


Q: What size are the prints?

A: You must refer to the Luminos gallery for this information as our prints come various sizes.


Q: How often is the gallery updated?

A: New work is placed in the gallery every month, also some images may be removed due to poor viewing and change of trends.


Q: How do I pay for my limited editions?

A: You can pay using a Pay Pal account or by Credit Card, Telegraphic or BACS Transfer or from funds in your PCB account.


Q: Do the Originals come with Certificates of Authenticity?

A: Luminos Gallery can not guarantee the provenance of the Original Paintings, they are purchased in good faith from reputable Auctions houses, Art Dealers and Private Collections. Therefore unless we receive provenance with the painting and can pass this on to the buyer,  we do not provide a certificate of authenticity.


Q: Do you offer a framing service ?

A: Luminos do not offer a framing service, however some of our limited editions are mounted ready for framing and some of the Limited Edition prints are framed.


Q: What do I do if my picture arrives damaged?

A: Luminos operate a no questions asked 14 day money back guarantee.


Q: What if I have any queries i.e. Payments, correspondence etc?

A: Any questions or queries will be answered promptly by our experienced Help Desk Support Team.


Q: How often can I access my account?

A: You can access your account seven days a week 24hrs a day.