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Colin Gabbidon

Colin Gabbidon was born in Kingston Jamaica 1957, and has been living in the UK most of his life in which he attended primary and senior education. As a young boy the love and the passion he had for drawing.... it was obvious to see the potential Colin was showing as an artist at school.

In the years that followed there became a demand for is work from students, teachers and the general public. A self taught Artist,...he works in Oil on Canvas, Pencil and Water colours. His subject would often be portraiture, scenery and still life.

He also had another love as a youngster....that was music, he learned to play the drums at an early age and so went on to become the original drummer for the internationally renowned reggae band Steel Pulse. At the start of the 1980s was also the start of him having his own Art work published nationally and internationally, his subjects were mostly celebrities and various concept artwork.

Being based in the UK he also has a studio in Germany where he frequently goes to further his Art projects.

ARTWORK BY Colin Gabbidon